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November 17, 2011
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--"If you could only see…
        the beast you've made of me."--

       Nikolai muttered yet another Belarusian curse. Where had you disappeared this time? He couldn't stalk you-erm-protect you, if you always disappeared!

--"I howl when we're apart."--

       Releasing a frustrated roar, Nikolai changed course. He ignored the flabbergasted (and frightened) faces of the people he pushed past. He would find you again.

--"Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack."--

       You inhaled deeply, recovering from your mad dash through town. You weren't stupid; you knew the Belarusian followed you. It's not as if he was discrete about it. If the occasional whispers of "Marry me, marry me, marry me", then the pale faces of those around you declared his presence.
       This made it near impossible to do anything, especially plan a surprise for the creep!


       You looked up from your 'breathing exercises' to see a worried Yuri. Inhaling once more for good measure, you managed a tired smile.
"Hey, everything ready?"

       Yuri immediately smiled in return, ushering you inside his family's home. "Ah, yes! Well, almost. Anya is placing candles around the room, and I need to put the finishing touches on your dress-"
"Then let's go, you know it won't take him long to show up!" You took his arm before dragging him further into the house.

--"My blood is singing with your voice."--

       Nikolai was back to muttering profanities as he returned home. How could you just vanish? And where the heck were you? Could it be possible that you were with another?
       His blood boiled at the thought of your precious voice saying someone else's name. No, no, no, no! Now tense with frustration and jealousy (for a fictional enemy, no less), Nikolai marched towards the kitchen. He'd refuel before searching again. The smell of food drifting through the air caught his full attention. Well, almost. A part of his mind wondered when he could dine with you. If only you'd stop running from him…

--"Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers."--

       You hurried to set the kitchen table, dancing around candles to avoid disaster. Your new red dress was beautiful, but it made careful movement difficult. As much as you wanted to hurry, you had to slow down to prevent a flaming dress.
       At least you had Yuri to help you. He held out the final touch, a bottle of vodka Anya had chosen for you. You smiled, grateful, and grabbed the bottle.
       This is the last piece, and then I'm ready for-Nikolai?!

--"The saints can't help me now, the ropes have been unbound."--

       You were certain that you had never seen Nikolai appear so vicious. You couldn't really blame him, though. The girl he'd been chasing for years is in his kitchen, wearing (in his approving opinion) a drop dead sexy dress, and is apparently sharing dinner with his brother. Before you or Yuri could hope to explain, Nikolai advanced.
       Wrapping his arms tightly around you (and taking the bottle of vodka in the process), he continued to glare at Yuri.
"N-nikolai! I-I…," Yuri was too afraid of his little brother, and looked to you for help. His stare, however, caused Nikolai to hold you tighter.
You groaned, more annoyed than scared. You should have seen this coming. Angling your head to look up at your possessive Belarusian, you explained what Yuri couldn't.
"Nikolai, we were preparing for your birthday."

       He stared at you, his ever-present glare doubtful.
       "Yuri helped me set this up, along with Anya. Happy Birthday," you smiled, hoping he'd realize you were telling the truth (and maybe let you go).
       Returning his stare to Yuri, he growled a low, "Get out." This sent already shaken man running, probably out of the house entirely.
"Was that really necessary Niko-" You were silenced by a rough, controlling kiss.
       He pulled away to look you in the eyes, effectively unnerving you.
"I don't want a date for my birthday, [Name]."

       You swallowed the lump forming in your throat. Please don't say what I think your're-
"Let's become one, [Name]."

       Though you struggled, he held tight, while somehow managing to open the bottle of vodka.
"But dinner first," he stated. Before you could breathe a sigh of relief, he tilted your head to look in his eyes again. "Then, you will marry me."
       Well, crap.

--"You are the moon that breaks the night for which I have to howl."--
Something I wrote around three A.M. one night (not something I recommend).

Uuuh, enjoy?

Picture is not mine! And the song is Howl by Florence and the Machine.

I do not own Male!Belarus or Hetalia.
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